Can Friendship Turn Into Love?!

Long time,i’m writing a new one,because,u know,i feel like writing only when I just feel like.

Well,u know,there are two best friends,they are like,they just love each other,which can not even be expressed in words.(don’t get me wrong,its a friendly love,not any other one).

One fine day,the guy he felt something unusual,like he just thought he was getting attracted to her,so he just opened his love to her,by kissing her.She just slapped him so hard,that his cheek went red.But,he didn’t know any other way of expressing it to her,she never understood that why was he like that.She just avoided it,when he comes to talk about his love.They never had a proper conversation after that,because,she was so emotionally disturbed.

“DAYS PASSED ON”,they were busy in their professional lives,they never had time for each other.One day,she finds her love,and she was so happy for that,and when she calls her best friend,to talk about her love,he would just cut the call.So one day,she finally leaves a voice message to him,inviting him for their marriage.

Well,on the marriage day,his heart was just broken down into pieces,and he was so worried that he could not even find them.

Years passed,he became a great singer.While he was leaving his concert one day,he saw his best friend’s husband,they met,and when he asked about her,he said she left.And when he asked why,he told that,”its because she was suffering with cancer,she had no choice but to leave,i tried my best to stop her,but on a fine morning,i could bearly see a note which was left behind by her,on my bed,saying “GOOD BYE”.

He said he had no notice of her,since 2 years.

Hearing this,he tried his level best to find her,he was not worried about why is he not able to find her,but only worried because,he was afraid,if he wouldn’t be able to stay with her till her last breath.
And thank god,he finds her,and he was so happy for that,even she felt so happy that,she’s gonna stay with her LOVE,till her last breath.AND THAT’S OSSSUM,ISN’T IT???!!!!

That guy just blindly thought that, between a male and a female,there shouldn’t be anything rather than love….
For her,he was more than a lover,he was everything for her,but that guy was angry only because,he was not able to be her prince.



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