Mind Diversion(My story of Android)

Well,it has become so hard to take decisions nowadays.

I like making pc games.So first in order to make games,we have to learn scripting like java,c#,and stuff.So, c# is more useful than any other.so i started learning c#,and then after a few days,i realised that,i get nothing by learning the coding language for pc,rather if i even get to learn android scripting and make games,i can publish it in google playstore.

So,i stopped learning pc scripting(pc games) and turned to android,but the thing here is,in order to make a game for android,we have to write the script to explain the player in the game to jump or shoot.And after doing everything,we have to save our project as an APK file and store it in our phone and test our scripts,if they get wrong,again we have to check the scripts and clear the errors.Hence it takes a long process,right.

Inorder to get rid of this,the software has got something which makes it more comfortable for the game developers like me.And for me,it is not working at all,so i just sat on it for 10 hours or more,watched many tutorials,and am not getting it,how to solve it.But rather i didn’t find a solution for that,but still i didn’t give up.

So,i started downloading many other android game development softwares which could help me build better android games,and rather none of them worked for me…..


So i finally had to give up on this,and turned to my pc game development thing….i dont know why but i wasted so much of my precious time.I knew in most of the time,it was hitting me back,but i still faced it,pretending that i could still find a way out of it,but i couldnt,maybe it is written for me to not take android course  or something(just kidding :p)…..


so this is how we get diverted  into many other things from your basic idea to other nonsensical things.My idea was to make pc games,and suddenly i turned to android,and what left me was nothing,rather a precious time of 10hours,in which i could do many other things……


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