“Birthday is something which comes once in every year”,you know that right!nobody can be born twice.

We want to celebrate it,so grandly,happily,and you expect many things.Ever scoulding parents,will not judge you in any manner.You’ll have enough money to throw a party,and get drunk off,and also you might meet an accident,well,that’s what the rich present day youth is.

Its hard to convince you to shut it up,but,just think of someone who truly loves you and cares you.That day may become your worst nightmare.

If you really have a worth lot of money,why don’t you do some good atleast on your precious day.On the same day,many poor people or poor kids are celebrating their B’days,why don’t you just donate them something,if not money,you can give them food right?!,neither there is a proper care from us nor the government.They say,”we are living,we should take care of each other”

I say we are very good at giving wonderful quotations,and neither of them is good at following  them.Its because you stinking rich,are just shy if someone sees you with poor.

Why don’t you make your day wonderful,helping people,because helping the need makes everyone happy,right,even your cared ones will be proud.

Well,today’s my B’day,and i’d love to help people today,which definetely makes me happy.So then,getting ready to start my day….!!!


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