A Grown Up

Am 16,and many call me a grown up,but i still dont get the point,why am i not by my own,but still depending .

Till now life had taught me many things,how to laugh,cry,and enjoy,but i dint know how to live by my own.out of a 100,i say,a 50% population isn’t interested in studies.

But in India,actually they’re forced to.Only a 10% of adulthood is actually encouraging their children to achieve their goals,whatever it is,like sports and games.

This system is seriously sickening many students,and which is the reason why many students are into sucides and leaving their houses.I just admire french people and culture,because they just encourage each and every person in whatever job they are in.student-college-depressed

They say India is developing,but rather those politicians are the same.I just dont get the point,they shout,scream,till they go mad,questioning “why is India still lacking behind,and all other countries are finishing the race”.Rather,they just stop by questioning the people,but never take up the job into developing.Because they’re afraid,that they lose.


And i believe,losing is first step to success,and it teaches us to never give up.

If you accept that you are really grown up,why can’t you teach people how to live,or change the system and make something useful rather wasting your life.
“The play time is over kid”

Stop arguing,just start living independently,serve the country,earn respect.A common interest of among 60% of teens is the money.And i say,money should be driven by you and it shouldn’t be the cause driving you.
“Be strong,self motivate yourself,never give up,keep confidence”,time comes when we fall down,but never feel depressed,because we know “how to climb a wall,no matter how short we are,but still there will be a ladder for us”

And you know why am still depending,its because my parents are still teaching me how to live,and they call me a grown up and that’s fantastic!!!

 Let me please know through your comments,because this is my first blog,and I hope it went well..!!!


4 thoughts on “A Grown Up

  1. Congratulations on your new blog. Being an Indian myself, I see what the contradictions are in our education system. It’ll be good if you write more blogs on expectations from Indian parents and studies in general. Good luck blogging!

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